Gravita Ascend

Gravita Ascend provides a unique DeFi experience, offering users Marks to complete engaging tasks.

A Word of Caution

At Gravita, we emphasize fairness and authenticity. Thus, any use of bots, cheating, or multiple submissions is strictly prohibited. Such actions will result in immediate disqualification from Gravita Ascend. Additionally, Sybil attackers will be promptly identified and barred from participation. In any instance where a chosen winner is disqualified for the aforementioned reasons, a new participant will be selected to take their place, if this is applicable.

While we at Gravita Protocol have taken measures to provide you with an innovative experience through the Ascend tasks, it's vital to emphasize a few key points:

  • No Financial Advice: Participation in Gravita Ascend tasks is at the discretion of each individual. The tasks and opportunities presented within the program do not constitute financial advice. Before undertaking any financial actions related to Ascend or any other DeFi initiative, always conduct your own research and consider consulting with a financial professional.

  • Security Responsibilities: We make every effort to uphold the highest security standards for our platform. However, Gravita cannot guarantee the infallibility of either our own security measures or those of our partners. Engaging with Gravita Ascend or associated platforms is at your own risk.

  • Product as Presented: Gravita Ascend is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranties. While we take pride in our offering, we do not claim it to be free from potential issues or vulnerabilities.

Always exercise caution, conduct your own due diligence, and prioritize your security when navigating the DeFi landscape.

Gravita Ascend: Chapter 1 - Now Finished

Gravita Ascend offers a dynamic shift from the conventional to a vast interstellar DeFi experience. As you navigate through this program, you will come across various opportunities to earn "Marks," our reward points. Let's delve into the specifics of this intricate journey.

1. Primary Missions

Your journey will comprise of several core activities:

  • Maintaining an Active Vessel: It's paramount to ensure that your Vessel stays open throughout the course so that you keep earning Marks. Opening a Vessel is rewarded only once throughout the entire program. This activity earns Marks based on the size and duration of the position.

  • Providing to the Stability Pool: Participants are invited to contribute GRAI to the Stability Pool, earning Marks based on the size and duration of their allocation.

  • Engage in Liquidity Operations: Users have the chance to allocate GRAI to designated Liquidity Pools, earning Marks based on the size and duration of their allocation.

Remember, all activities are quantified both by size and duration. And the beauty of Gravita Ascend? Marks are attributed retroactively and uniformly across every platform and blockchain.

2. Secondary Missions: Additional Adventures

Apart from the primary tasks, there are more avenues to explore:

  • Vessel Launch: Initiate and maintain your Vessel. Remember: opening a Vessel is rewarded only once throughout the entire program. K

  • Galxe Social Campaign: Engage actively with our community-driven campaign.

  • Possess a Unique POAP: Holding one of our special POAPs gives you an added advantage.

Chapter 2: Race to the Beacon

  1. Marks Reset and The Ascend Leaderboard Odyssey

As we embark on Chapter 2 of Gravita Ascend: Race to the Beacon, it's important to note that all Marks from Chapter 1 have been reset, setting the stage for a fresh start and a leveled playing field for all pioneers venturing into this new chapter.

Embark anew on a journey where each action etches your path to glory across the Gravita cosmos. The Ascend Leaderboard awaits, ready to reward valor and strategic finesse.

  • Active Vessel Command: Your first command is to maintain an active Vessel. With Marks reset, your vessel's endurance and capacity start anew in earning you Marks, signifying your renewed commitment.

  • Stability Pool or Lending Protocol Contributions: Contribute GRAI to the Stability Pool, a vital action for the ecosystem's equilibrium, now more rewarding as Marks are recalibrated and awarded reflecting the magnitude and persistence of your contributions. Users deploying GRAI in the Stability Pool and/or on Lending Protocols like ZeroLend, Silo and more will receive 2X the Marks allocation.

  • Liquidity Operations: The cosmos thrives on liquidity. Allocate GRAI into designated Liquidity Pools, with Marks signifying the size and duration of your contributions, now starting afresh in this new chapter.

These primary missions mark the beginning of your interstellar endeavor in Chapter 2, with Marks attributed retroactively and equitably across all domains of our expansive DeFi universe.

  1. Navigating the Time Distortion and Marks Accumulation

With the onset of Chapter 2, participants encounter a gravitational anomaly, warping time and introducing a novel dynamic to earning Marks. This cosmic puzzle not only challenges your navigational prowess but also enhances the potential for Marks accumulation.

  • The Anomaly's Impact on Marks: Due to the time distortion created by the gravitational anomaly, the Marks earned by users will increase over time. The longer the chapter unfolds, the more Marks are accumulated, rewarding those who adapt and persevere through this temporal maze.

  • Adapting to Time-Enhanced Rewards: The unique time distortion effect means that your strategies must evolve. The fluctuating nature of time in this chapter allows for an increased accumulation of Marks, especially for those who remain engaged and proactive in their contributions and missions.

  • Leveraging the Temporal Flux: This chapter's time-distorted environment isn't just a hurdle; it's a strategic element. It encourages continuous engagement and offers increasing rewards for persistence, enabling creative strategies and collaborative efforts to thrive amidst the shifting temporal landscape.

In Gravita Ascend's Chapter 2, the Race to the Beacon transcends mere exploration, inviting you to a realm where time not only tests but also amplifies your achievements. With Marks from Chapter 1 reset and the introduction of time-enhanced Marks accumulation, your journey through this celestial odyssey promises new heights of glory. Will you master the temporal flux and rise to prominence on the Ascend Leaderboard? The beacon calls, offering a path to legendary status among the stars.

Ready to Embark on this Unique Expedition?

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