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Discover StakeWise and NodeSet

StakeWise V3: Staking Infrastructure

StakeWise has been a major player in the public liquid staking market for over three years, launching its V2 product in November 2020. The recently released V3 product, launched in November 2023, brings new capabilities to the permissionless staking market. Unlike V2, V3 allows for the deployment of customized staking pools, known as “Vaults.” Stakers can either purchase osETH (StakeWise’s liquid staking token) on the open market or deposit their ETH into specific operators’ Vaults, taking advantage of more bespoke offerings enabled by this technology.

For Node Operators, StakeWise V3 offers tremendous flexibility in managing their Vault and associated validators. Customizable Vault parameters include:

  • Private vs. Public Delegation

  • osETH Minting Only vs. osETH + Vault Token Minting

  • Vault Operator Fees

  • Vault Capacity Limits

  • Admin/Key/Access Management

  • MEV Smoothing Pool vs. Own Escrow

Once parameters are selected, the vault administrator deploys their configured smart contracts to be displayed in StakeWise’s Vault Marketplace: StakeWise Vault Marketplace.

Stakers may select specific vaults, delegating their tokens to their operator(s) of choice. Once delegated, stakers can either passively allow rewards to accrue, mint osETH at a 90% maximum LTV, or mint vault tokens (if enabled) at a maximum LTV of 100%. Due to osETH’s minting cap, holders of osETH can always expect to remain 100% backed, as the overcollateralization acts as de facto slashing insurance. Even if all StakeWise V3 vaults face a catastrophic slashing event, the performance of the overall ecosystem of vaults will ensure osETH’s security.

To learn more about StakeWise’s architecture, see here: StakeWise V3 Announcement.

NodeSet: Decentralized Node Operators

NodeSet builds custom staking infrastructure to connect its large population of individual and professional node operators to opportunities across the Web3 ecosystem. NodeSet is currently developing a next-generation liquid staking protocol on top of Rocket Pool (Project Constellation) while actively seeking partnerships to scale other permissionless and decentralized staking products (e.g., StakeWise). NodeSet focuses on supporting protocols that prioritize decentralization, making Gravita a natural partner. Since applications opened in September 2023, NodeSet has over 250 validators onboarded as of June 2024.

NodeSet’s risk management model focuses on maximal asset distribution across a highly-skilled node operator base, reducing the potential impact of individual events. When per-operator exposure is minimized, risk is also minimized. Our operators are technically oriented (85% have engineering backgrounds) and must operate validators effectively on Ethereum mainnet for a significant time before joining. Additionally, NodeSet’s operator cohort exhibits strong distribution across various characteristics:

  • Geographic

  • Client Software

  • Validation Hardware

  • On-Premise / Bare Metal / Cloud Hosted

  • Jurisdictional

All NodeSet services are provided non-custodially, ensuring no party (neither NodeSet nor its operators) takes custody of assets at any time.

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