How can I use Gravita?

Gravita enables users to borrow funds by using multiple forms of yield-generating collateral, including LSTs and yield-amplified or/and auto-compounding stable-coins like bLUSD. To get started users can deposit their collateral into the Gravita protocol and receive GRAI token in return. The amount of GRAI they can borrow depends on the value of their collateral. In order to preserve the safety of the protocol and the core value propositions of GRAI and GRVT, only non-censorable assets can be supported on the main version of Gravita Protocol.

What are the key benefits of Gravita?

Gravita not only provides users with interest-free loans, but also helps to improve decentralization by supporting multiple LSTs as collateral, allowing users to borrow against a variety of assets while maintaining separate positions for each.

This approach promotes diversity in the crypto ecosystem and supports the growth of high-quality minority LSTs.

Additionally, Gravita is non-custodial, programmatic and transparent, upholding the ideals of decentralized finance.

This means that Gravita does not take a cut of the yield generated by your LSTs, bLUSD or LP positions. Our fees are paid upfront and in a transparent way, clearly visible from the UI.

How can I earn money on Gravita?

Users can earn money on Gravita by providing liquidity to the Stability Pool.

The Stability Pool is used to help repay the debts of liquidated Vessels that go above the maximum LTV. Stability Providers earn income via liquidation gains.

Gravita may introduce a governance token, in the future, which may be used to provide benefits to users.

However, the platform will launch without the governance token initially.

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