Unique Value Proposition

The integration of StakeWise’s customizability with NodeSet’s extensive distribution and security offers Gravita unparalleled control and transparency over its collateral base. This collaboration unlocks a range of advanced capabilities for gravETH users, empowering Gravita to deliver preferred treatment and innovative strategies. Here’s how these benefits translate into tangible advantages for users:

Enhanced LTV and Debt Caps

One of the key advantages of the StakeWise x NodeSet infrastructure is the flexibility it provides in managing loan-to-value (LTV) ratios and debt caps. Gravita can offer:

  • Higher LTV Ratios: gravETH customers may benefit from higher LTV ratios, such as 90% or more, compared to the standard 85%, allowing users to leverage more of their staked assets without increasing their risk exposure.

  • Aggressive Debt Cap Increases: By leveraging the robust infrastructure, Gravita can raise debt caps more aggressively, enhancing users’ ability to borrow against their staked assets and maximize their capital efficiency.

Bespoke Strategies

Gravita leverages the StakeWise x NodeSet infrastructure to craft bespoke strategies that optimize yield and capital deployment. These strategies are designed to simplify complex financial operations, allowing users to engage with minimal transaction approvals. Key strategy offerings include:

  • Amplified Yield Strategies: Utilizing gravETH as collateral, these strategies aim to enhance ETH yield through various DeFi protocols and financial instruments.

  • Leveraged Exposure to ETH and Staking Yield: gravETH can be used in the future to create tokenized, leveraged exposure to both ETH and ETH staking rewards, enabling users to amplify their returns while maintaining a diversified risk profile.

Staking Fees

Staking fees are currently targeted at 10% of staking rewards, which has become industry standard, although some large staking providers charge more.

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